It could be argued that there has never been a more important time for organisations, and individuals, to consider their purpose.

Our world is under threat. From climate change to social unrest, international conflict, pandemic, and political machinations across borders, the biggest global issues are impacting our everyday lives.

As people’s social and environmental consciences are intensifying, they are looking to organisations to demonstrate their roles in society. To step up. To be allies in the causes that matter to them.

So, as caretakers of reputations and masters of relations, what is PR’s role around purpose?

Target’s Pillars of Purpose explores the relationship between organisational purpose and PR. Developed by Sam Kandiyali during her MBA research, the Pillars of Purpose model considers the union between PR and purpose, which we believe will be invaluable to any organisation on its journey to becoming purpose-led.

Meet Sam Kandiyali

Director, Target

Having studied PR at university and worked in the industry supporting clients to manage their reputations for more than 20 years, Sam is passionate about the PR profession. Purpose became more salient to her during her leadership development journey with QuoLux, (culminating in an MBA in Leading Business) which in turn has helped shape Target’s offering while supporting its clients too.

As a team, Target is keen to support organisations to be a force for good. We believe this happens when a clear sense of purpose places social value at the heart of business success. This applies to Target and to our clients. Target can help clients to discover and articulate their purpose, building powerful communications programmes. By connecting with the interests of customers, employees and communities, purposeful communications can attract attention, motivate action, inspire loyalty, make a positive social impact and deliver commercial success.

Sam Kandiyali, Target